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विधानसभा निर्वाचन 2018

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For the convenience of Administration District is divided into two tehsils and two blocks. one is Berasia and other is Huzur. Huzur is consisting of six SDM level setup for maintaining law and order and revenue monitoring.

From Collector's Desk

NIC District Centre Bhopal

Since its inception in 1993, District Informatics Centre, Bhopal always proved an important asset for the District Administration. Providing support services in design development and implementations of various MIS applications and databases.  It is Coordinating the District Administration for a better ICT setup. It’s a Hub of the IT in the District. NIC District Centre giving the training to the user dept also to make them self sufficient to operate computers and do their work smoothly. It is very important to mention here during elections DIC has played a big vital role for the whole election process. Read more

News/ Updates

Latest information uploads available here for the District Bhopal.